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ERIE 115SD Sky Blue

*This color may possibly be an option, but it has not been decided and may only be available at this time.

Versatile minnow for targeting various species of fish.


  • Casting distance is comparable to 130mm class jerk baits.
  • This lure has no problem swimming through river swells and strong river currents, and has the ability to attract fish from a wide range.
  • Large body, yet light enough to be jerked all day long.
  • Try it not only for bass, but also for seabass, trout, and a variety of other target fish. Of course for pikes, big perches, and amazing for zanders, too.




  • The quality of the action is based on the swim action of minnow fish such as small ayu and wakasagi, which swim with their whole bodies wriggling.
  • The lure responds quickly to rod work and can be made to dart and flatten actions even with light force, and the same dart and flatten action can be achieved with a stop-and-go action by reeling.
  • The swim action made by simply reeling can make fish bite.

Included Outer Weight:


  • The outer weight for buoyancy adjustment is a standard feature of the Erie 115SD.
  • It can be easily cut using scissors or pliers for perfect suspension tuning.
  • It can be used to adjust the buoyancy of various lures, not only the Erie 115SD.

ERIE115SD Sky Blue - Limited Color

21,95 €Price
VAT Included |
Only 1 left in stock
    • Size: 115mm
    • Weight : 20.9g
    • Dive Depth: 1.8m
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