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Model Name: Erie95MD

  • Size: 95 mm
  • Weight : 11.2 g
  • Dive Depth: 2.1 m


Jerk it, reel it, and it dives a little.
Just chomping it produces a glossy dart action, while reeling it in produces a high pitch action like a shad plug.


The traditional action response of the Erie series is also inherited in the 95MD.


It can be used by jerking or reeling.


When you want to make the Erie-95SD dive a little more, this 95MD is the lure for you.

Try it in lakes, rivers, and oceans for a variety of fish species.



  • By cutting the fin under the lip, it is possible to tune the action to suit the application.
  • By attaching an optional outer weight, it can be easily tuned for slow sinking or suspending.
  • The body has enough buoyancy to allow hooks up to size #4 for targeting big fish.


Fish caught in tests:

Smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, pike, rainbow trout, brown trout, drum, yellow perch, rock bass, etc.

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Erie 95MD

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