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Model name: Smelthead + (Plus)


  • 21g
  • 28g
  • 42g


Hook: 4/0


Casting, vertical jigging, etc,
Swimbait head that can be used in a variety of ways
The ability to control the lure in vast waters, strong currents, strong winds, and swells...these are harsh conditions for anglers.


The Smelthead +(Plus) was developed with the goal of providing performance that will allow anglers to fish in conditions where a regular sized jig head would not work.


In situations where the original Smelthead could not deliver the lure to the fish, this is where the Smelthead Plus comes into its own.


Smelthead +(Plus) will greatly expand the world of smelthead fishing, so please give it a try.

Characteristics of each setting


(1) With blade attached (in packaging)

Suitable for horizontal fishing by casting and reeling, and for vertical jigging lift-and-fall.

It is not suitable for vertical reeling like tie rubbers, as it does not balance well in the swim posture.


2)Without blades

Can be used for both casting and vertical jigging.

When you want to use it for vertical reeling, we recommend you to use it without blades.

It can be used with pintail soft baits to create a dart action, making it possible to use it for wind fishing as well.


(3) Triple hook attachment

Triple hooks can be attached by removing the blades. This is useful when you want to improve the hook-up rate.

Smelthead +

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