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We want more anglers to enjoy jerkbait fishing more deeply.


  • There are only a few jerkbaits that have both the ability to dart easily and elegantly, even for those who are not good at rod control, and the basic performance of being able to get fish to bite even by simply reeling.


  • Try it not only on bass, but also on seabass, trout, and a variety of other target fish. Of course it is great for pikes, perches, and zanders in Europe, too.




  • The quality of the action is based on the swim action of minnow fish such as small ayu and wakasagi, which swim with their whole bodies wriggling.
  • The lure responds quickly to rod work and can be made to dart and flatten actions even with light force, and the same dart and flatten action can be achieved with a stop-and-go action by reeling.
  • The swim action made by simply reeling can make fish bite.


  • Fish caught in the test.

Smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, striper, rainbow trout, brown trout, walleye trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, walleye, sea trout, sea trout, sago, maggot, scorpionfish, bluefin reef squid, etc.

ERIE 95SD Black Otama - Limited Color

18,95 €Price
VAT Included |
Only 1 left in stock
    • Size: 95 mm
    • Weight : 10.9 g
    • Dive Depth: 1.2 m
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